Pendants for a Cause started in September of this year from nothing more than a small piece of sea glass and a hope to help another. When news had hit of the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian on the communities in the Bahamas––of the lack of healthcare facilities and the need for resources and medical aid––my first thought was certainly not to create necklaces. But despite my formal training as a physician, I felt that there was little that I could do to help all those I wanted to help.

So what else did I have that could possibly make a difference?

Well, I had a few pieces of sea glass, a set of pliers, and an assortment of wires. And…I had a faithfully affectionate cat named Samantha. Side by side, in a corner of a room at our makeshift workstation, I created while Samantha and my family cheered me on.

And from there…Pendants for a Cause was born.


During the first month, we donated all of our proceeds from the sale of the necklaces to help meet the emergency health needs of Hurricane Dorian victims. Currently, our proceeds are going to help children around the world who have heart conditions get the life-saving surgeries they need.

So what had started as a side project has become a full-fledged effort with a vision for a healthier world. We are now working toward obtaining our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, so that we can expand our reach and impact more lives. Although we still have quite a journey before us, we press forward with a full heart and a simple mission: that by creating something beautiful for you, we can come to appreciate all that which surrounds us…the issues that affect us…and through this, do a tiny part in making the world a better place.

– Phoebe Chi, MD
Founder and Designer
Pendants for a Cause