hands-holding-heartPendants for a Cause started in September of 2019 from nothing more than a small piece of sea glass and a hope to help another. When news had hit of the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian on the communities in the Bahamas––of the lack of healthcare facilities and the need for resources and medical aid––my first thought was not to create jewelry. But despite all of my medical training, I felt limited in what I could practically do at that time to help all those I wanted to help.

So what else did I have available that could possibly make a difference?

And from there…Pendants for a Cause was born.

That first month, we surpassed our fundraising goals and donated every penny of our proceeds from the sale our sea glass jewelry to help meet the emergency medical needs of Hurricane Dorian victims. Pendants for a Cause then directed its efforts to support children in need of heart surgeries in getting the life-sustaining care they need. Once COVID-19 hit, Pendants for a Cause also stepped up to lend a hand. 

So what had started as a small side project has become a full-fledged effort with a vision for a healthier world. Although Pendants for a Cause still has quite a journey ahead, we press forward with a full heart and a simple mission: that by creating something beautiful for you, we can come to appreciate all that which surrounds us…the issues that affect us…and through this, do a tiny part in making the world a better place.